Pension LUMP SUM Withdrawal Payments(Nenkin)

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Non Japanese LUMP SUM Withdrawal Payment(Nenkin) and Income Tax Refund
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Who are entitled to claim the Pension LUMP-SUM Withdrawal Payment ?

    1. Those who are non-Japanese.
    2. Those whose Japanese public pension coverage period is 6 months or longer.
    3. Those who are not qualified to receive old age pension.
      (Those whose coverage period does not reach 10 years.)
      Therefore, those who have joined the public pension system for more than 10 years (120 months) are not entitled to lump-sum withdrawal payment.
    4. Those who have never been entitled to disability pension.
    5. Those who are not subject to any foreign law designed to provide a benefit plan equivalent to that provided by the Japanese Pension System.
    6. Those who do not have an address in Japan, and file an application within 2 years after becoming a non-resident. However, you can apply for income tax from pension lump-sum withdrawal payment within 5 years (valid until the 5th fiscal year ) since the date you have received the lump sum withdrawal payment. Please contact us for more details.

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