Pension LUMP SUM Withdrawal Payments(Nenkin)

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How to process the application for lump-sum withdrawal payment (Nenkin)?

Necessary documents

1. Application for Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment (Nenkin)

2. Photocopy of passport
*Pages showing last departure from Japan, name, date of birth, nationality, signature and status of residence

3. Documents confirming that applicant no longer resides in Japan (Any one of A-E)

  1. Japanese address registration certificate (Jyuuminhyo) with record of deletion (Jyohyo).
  2. Japanese address registration certificate (Jyuuminhyo) with expected departure date.
  3. MY NUMBER card with "Returned" stamp on the backside.
  4. Moving-out certificate.
  5. Front-back copies of resident card.

4. A bank certificate showing 'name of bank', 'branch', 'account number' and 'the account holder' to indicate that the account belongs to the applicant.
A certificate is needed if the stamp of " certification of bank account"  in the space provided for in the application cannot be obtained from the bank

5. Pension handbook

  1. In case of national pension, after submitting the above documents, 100% of the lump-sum withdrawal payment will be trasferred to the designated account.
    (The national pension itself is not subject to income tax.)
  2. In case of employees' pension, the refunded amount is taxed approximately 20%, and the balance of 80% is returned to applicant.
    ( The national pension itself is not subject to income tax.)
    The application for refund of the above 20% income tax can be filed within 5 years.
  3. Processing of the application for lump-sum withdrawal payment takes 3 to 6 months.
  4. Mailing and transaction charges are for your account.
  5. The refunded amount for lump-sum withdrawal payment or the 20% income tax thereon will be transferred from Japan in foreign currency unless the designated account is a Japanese bank account.

*1. In case of a lost pension handbook, the application can be processed only with your pension number.
*2. If you do not know your pension number, the labor and social security attorney can obtain it on your behalf with a Power of Attorney.

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