Pension LUMP SUM Withdrawal Payments(Nenkin)

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What is Pension LUMP SUM Withdrawal Payment(Nenkin) for non-Japanese?

Those who are non-Japanese and meet certain requirements can claim a lump-sum withdrawal payment of National Pension/Employees Pension through a Labor and Social Security Attorney
Pension LSWP amount is subject to 20% income tax, which also can be claimed by applying for tax refund for the past 5 years at a tax office in Japan.
PG licensed tax accountant (PG Tax Accountant Office) can also handle the tax refund procedure on your behalf (Tax Agent/Representative) 

※1. In addition, those who have paid income tax (including resident tax ) in Japan can apply for a tax refund for the past 5 years, if they have supported their family overseas financially. It is different from the refund of the income tax imposed on Pension LSWP.
※2. However, regardless of ※1, those who have not done a year-end adjustment for the year of returning to one's country may get a tax refund by filing a tax return through their Tax Agent to be filed by a Tax Accountant.
(This is different from the refund of the income tax imposed on Pension LSWP.)

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