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How is the amount of Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments calculated?

The payments amount increases on a 6 month basis depending on the coverage period in the pension system up to 36 months, however the subsequent contribution will not be included.
Non-Japanese receive the same payment amount whether you have been covered for 3years or 9years.

① In case of National Pension

Your payments amount depends on the month for which you made the last contribution payment and the number of your covered months.
You can find your Payments amount in the table below: It shows Payments amount depending on your final contribution-paid month in fiscal year 2017. ( from April 2017 to March 2018)

Your total coverage periods (month) Payments amount
6 to 11 months 49,470 Yen
12 to 17 months 98,940 Yen
18 to 23 months 148,410 Yen
24 to 29 months 197,880 Yen
30 to 35 months 247,350 Yen
36 months and more 296,820 Yen

② In case of Employees Pension Insurance

The payment amount for Employees Pension is calculated by your Average Standard Renumeration x Payment Rate (Contribution rate x 1/2 x Pension coverage period)
Example: If you work in Japan for a year, you will receive an amount equivalent to a monthly amount of average standard renumeration. If you work for 2 years, 3 years, you will receive an amount for 2 months, 3 months.
Average Standard Renumeration is the total amount of your monthly renumerations and bonuses for all covered months divided by your total covered periods (number of months)
* Only 3 years payment wil be received even if your pension contribution exceeds more than 3 years

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