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Tax Agent (Tax Representative, Tax Administrator)

Term which refers to an agent who handles all the procedures concerning tax payment on behalf of an individual or a corporation who has moved overseas and has no domicile in Japan any more.

Situations in which you need a tax agent (Tax Representative, Tax Administrator)

  1. Claiming tax refund ( income / residential tax ) before or after your return to your country
    When you are applying for a pension lump-sum withdrawal payment, in order to get the refund on the income tax for reconstraction of said lump-sum payment, it is necessary to appoint a tax administrator/representative/ before leaving Japan to go back to your home country.
    Please check the link below for more information.
  2. Having some income by leasing or selling real estate property in Japan
    You need to file an income tax return for this income(decrale final income tax to the tax office), which is categorized as domestic source income, even if you are planning to emmigrate from Japan, transfer abroad or return to your home country.
  3. The occurrence of the grounds for paying inheritance tax or gift tax while you live abroad
    Tax obligation occurs if you inherit some fortune from either of your parents after his or her demise, or if you receive some fortune or money from your parents by gift.
  4. The occurrence of the grounds for paying local taxes ( residential tax, fixed asset tax ) while you live abroad
    Fixed asset tax and urban planning tax are to be collected from the owner of some real estate as of January 1st, whether an individual or a corporation.
    Residential tax is to be collected from any resident in Japan as of January 1st, who has a certain amount of income.
  5. Gaining income by selling shares or such like and receiving interest, dividends and loyalties, etc. from domestic corporation in Japan
    Business income basically falls under residence taxation, however the incomes like those mentioned above which meet certain criteria are subject to source taxation.
    * Some of the above listed incomes can be exempted pursuant to tax treaties. ( if not categorized as domestic source income )
  6. Requesting deferment of the payment of departure tax
    Departure tax is imposed on the unrealized gain on marketable securities or such like, therefore for taxpayers who are recognized as having difficulty in paying it for capital insufficiencies, a 5 to 10 year grace period may be granted by the application.

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