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Tax refund ・Visa・Pension・Law ・Insurance and Tax Management Service Supporting in 10



  1. Tax agent contingency fee
    Basic Fee 5,000 yen monthly (tax not included)
    Income tax, Real Property tax, Consumption tax, Real Estate Income tax
  2. Renumeration as Substitute for Tax payment
    Additional Fee 1,000 yen monthly(tax not yet included)
    Additional 1,000 yen per one location of local tax
  3. Departure tax (tax withheld at the time of transference overseas)
    50,000 yen per case (tax not yet included)
  4. Lump-sum refund・Income tax standard fee (consumption tax not included)
    1. A Course
      Set of lump-sum withdrawal payment and income tax.
      Total of Lump-sum withdrawal payment fee
      less than 300,000 yen 30,000 yen
      300,000 yen~less than 500,000 yen 40,000 yen
      500,000 yen~less than 1,000,000 yen 50,000 yen
      1,000,000 yen~less than 1,500,000 yen 60,000 yen
      1,500,000 yen~less than 2,000,000 yen 70,000 yen
      2,000,000 yen 80,000 yen
    2. B Course
      Pension lump-sum withdrawal payment application only
      (Only advance payment is accepted)
      National Pension:20,000 yen
      Welfare Pension : 30,000 yen
    3. C Course
      Income Tax (with Tax administrator) only (20,000 Yen fee ~20% of the refunded income tax amount)
    4. Other substitution services and charges
      Cases requiring substitution for moving-out notification
      (Substitution Service fee 5,000Yen)
      Case where the lump-sum withdrawal payment decision document is lost
      (Reissue fee 5,000yen)
    All of the above fees are tax excluded.
  5. For Income tax・Residential Tax refund Fee Services (except Income tax for Pension)
    Please refer to our ONE STOP service homepage for more details (please click the link below)
    ※additional fees will be charged for other exceptional services

※Service fee for other tax returns, corporate taxes, settlement of corporate accounts will be decided accordingly together with our partner PG Tax Accountant.

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