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Tax refund service

Tax refund service (including representative application of refund of pension lump-sum)
What kind of refund can we do?

(After/ just before the applicant has gone/goes back to his/her country)
  1. Refund of the income tax/ residential tax/ national health insurance (in some regions)
    (income tax and residential tax collected from where you work)

    It is possible to receive tax refund if you are a foreigner or Japanese whose spouse is a foreigner
  2. 20% tax refund for lump-sum withdrawal pension fund.
    Most of those who claim for pension lump-sum income tax refund received their tax refund.

    (※It costs other comission fee for alternative application of the pension lump-sum refund)
    * See also the list of comission fee of lump-sum withdraw pension fund and income tax refund
  3. Tax refund for sellective taxation of severance payment and 401K (defined contribution pension)
    It may be possible to receive refund of severance payment and 401K that you received from your company)
  4. Tax refund for those who retired (without doing year-end adjustment) and filed a final income tax return
  5. Comsumption tax refund (principle taxation)
    Case1 / When sole proprietor or a corporation has paid more consumption tax than received
    Case2 / When deficit/ When stocking or expenses took much part
    Case3 / When you purchased assets with great amount of money such as real estate or capital investment
    Case4 / When you are an exporter and the most part of the amount sold is the duty exemption transaction
    *It is possible to receive tax refund only if you are a taxation operator, and duty exemption operator cannot receive tax refund

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